A Man, divided against himself, shall not tan

I don’t like books, especially autobiographical dirty laundry about late 80’s R&B has-beens.

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Live Free

If you want to see a great example of a man being alive at NO COST, come check me out sometime. I have put together a nice show of walking around, doing stuff, smirking, talking to people, eating shit, sitting on the couch, and throwing away mail. One reviewer noted, “Yep, he was there.”

Series: Bridge and Telephone Pole #254- Grandpa Hambone

Ode to Gremlins

I’ve never really watched the movie
After all these years.
The few moments I’ve caught
Usually it’s the beginning
Or the scene on the street
That’s like every other city street
Location location LOCATION
Quiet on the set.
And yet they retain a power
Over me.
Those things.
Mysterious, unseen, gremlinlike,
Like all cultural phenomena.
Guiding us is ways unknown
Since the first ghost story
Told round the fire.

Top 10 Webisodes of 2016

Without a doubt, the webisode that shook up the status quo in 2016 was Terminator S5E6: ExTerminator Alternate Future: Rise of the Cyborg Centipedes. The popular series was known for its innovative use of computer animation layered over a lush and intricate world of claymation painstakingly rendered, designed and written by Sue Crenshaw’s 5th grade class of Lonely Heights Elementary in Western Missouri. This particular episode marked a crucial pivot in the series that, while brief, contained some of the most daring, dark and surreal explorations of man’s capacity for degradation ever seen in any medium. Claims about a unidentified gas leak near the school site remain unconfirmed. What is clearly true is that no matter if rumors about missing children and mysterious sinkholes turn out to be true, each of our sense of our own fragile and beautiful condition is acutely brought into focus by those silly Play-doh insects and one unlikely and necessary late-90’s Arnold Schwarzenegger action-figure hero.

Series: Bridge and Telephone Pole #121- Temperate Cummerbund

The Trouble with Bertram

The trouble with Bertram is

Probably the r’s,

All shovedup against the t.

That, and he is a compulsive liar-

A different kind of dullness.

A carnival mask on a manikin.

The Salt

Sea spray drifts down between crescendoing bursts of waves on lower crags. The boy picks and darts his way among the rocks, careful to avoid a seaweed-slick slope and the occasional glass-sharp pumice stone. The flashing shuffles of light, small crabs threaten to distract the boy. He shifts his gaze upward, deep set eyes a dark gray the color of the ocean under the looming storm clouds farther to sea. He is resolute…

Series: Bridge and Telephone Pole #78- Bermuda Fistula

Brain Facts

The brain is so complex that if you sliced it in half vertically and horizontally, you would have to explain the presence of 4 sliced and rotting brain parts to concerned family members and, eventually, local law enforcement.

Evolutionary pressures and adaptations have fundamentally changed the way the human brain uses energy. In order to maximize efficiency, much of the automatic response system relies upon networks of simplified synaptic pathways insulated by canola oil.

The computing power of one 5 year-old
is equivalent to that of a 6 year-old, give or take a year.